Letting Teens Drink in Tempe? Parents Could Be Financially Responsible

Posted on Dec 11, 2011

A new ordinance in Tempe, due to start in February, would make parents who provide alcohol to minors pay. Previously, state law in Arizona allowed parents to provide alcohol to their own minor teens, but this new ordinance could affect you even if the alcohol was provided to your own kids.

The ordinance, called the “social-host” ordinance, aims to place responsibility on the shoulders of parents and other immediate family members who provide alcohol to under-aged teens. Although it is already a misdemeanor charge for an adult to do so, state law used to provide an exception for immediate family. Supporters of the ordinance felt that state law left a bit of a loop-hole and made it too difficult to prove that parents were responsible in large, alcohol-fueled gatherings of minors that included their own children.

Because the ordinance does not necessarily mean a criminal charge and essentially charges parents a fee for the police time required to handle illegal parties, experts are saying that it should not be in conflict with the state law allowing parents to provide alcohol for their minor children.

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