Man Attempts to Spy on Estranged Wife: Scottsdale Divorce Lawyers Respond

Posted on Apr 07, 2012
As Scottsdale divorce lawyers, we’ve seen a lot of crazy decisions made during legal separation or divorce in Arizona – and it’s sadly not unusual to see spouses attempting to spy on each other or gain information through underhanded means. A recent piece of news out of Western Pennsylvania is probably a good example of that: A 66-year-old man installed a device that would allow him to hear when his estranged wife had sex.

Wayne Comet Cripe, of Raccoon Township, and his wife have apparently been separated. The two continued to share a house, but they reportedly had different bedrooms. Mr. Cripes is accused of installing the device underneath Mrs. Cripe’s bed, allowing him to hear when she was with her new boyfriend. Mr. Cripe has stated that he installed the device, but it did not work properly. Mr. Cripe’s plan was apparently to use the device to listen for the sound of lovemaking. He has said that he did not want to hear it in person any longer, and he installed the device so he would know when it was “safe” to come home again.

Mrs. Cripe apparently discovered the device last month and reported it to the Raccoon Township police.
The divorce lawyers with Curry, Pearson & Wooten understand that emotions can run high in complex domestic situations like these, but we encourage you to think twice before using any tactics that could land you in more trouble. Even seemingly small actions, like nasty posts to Facebook, can negatively affect your divorce or child custody case.

If you have any questions about your Scottsdale legal separation or divorce proceedings, please do not hesitate to contact us for help. We’d be happy to walk you through any questions or concerns you might have – and advise you on how to stay out of legal trouble when things get complicated.

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