Mesa Couple May See Longer Sentence in Arizona Fraud Case

Posted on Oct 26, 2011
Tony and Micaela Renee Dutson, formerly of Mesa, could possibly see a longer sentence after failing to appear for a prison sentence. The couple had been sentenced to 10 years each in federal prison for a financial fraud scheme that allegedly took millions from their clients.

According to officials, the couple was responsible for multiple financial crimes, including tax trust fraud and filing fraudulent tax returns. The couple is said to have sold at least $44 million in tax trust shelters to clients all over the nation. Victims in the scheme were required to pay back taxes after the scam was discovered.

The couple allegedly attempted to flee police earlier this year by removing their electronic monitoring ankle bracelets. They were found in Phoenix about a month after they were to report to prison. Because of this failure to surrender for the prison sentence, the Dutsons could now see their original 10-year sentences doubled.

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