Mesa Man Arrested for Burglary; Possible Misunderstanding

Posted on Oct 27, 2011
A Mesa man was arrested for burglary on September 27, but claims he thought he was helping a friend move.

The arrest came after a Mesa family came home after a vacation to find that their cars were not in the garage, and there was someone outside their front door.

The stranger outside their door turned out to be Bryan Jarvis, and he appeared to be just leaving the house with stolen items in tow. Mesa Police report that Jarvis told them he thought he was helping a friend's girlfriend move, and that was why he was removing items from the house. According to police, Jarvis further stated that he had a feeling that the house did not belong to the friend's girlfriend, but continued to take items from the home.

Jarvis was arrested for second degree burglary and suspicion of theft

The family who live in the home said they did not know Jarvis.

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