Mexico City Proposes 2-Year Marriage License in Order to Avoid Divorce

Posted on Nov 08, 2011
As Scottsdale divorce attorneys, we certainly found this news interesting: Mexico City has proposed a new law that would essentially let couples do a "test run" marriage before committing to a life together. If passed, couples would have the option to marry for two years. After two years, they could decide to renew the marriage license or go their separate ways.

Proponents of the 2-year marriage license say that the change would let unhappy couples dissolve the marriage without all of the complications of divorce. Additionally, the 2-year marriage license would already include decisions about custody and property division, which shortens the dissolution process.

Lizbeth Rosas, who is at the head of the legislation's push, explained that "Two years is the minimum amount of time it takes to know and appreciate what life is like as a couple. If you renew, that means you have an understanding with your partner, and that you are clear on the rules of the relationship."

The proposal has garnered a lot of controversy, however. Critics of the 2-year marriage license say it encourages a "culture of disposability" and devalues the vows of traditional marriage.

The Scottsdale family law attorneys with Curry, Pearson & Wooten will be watching this story with interest, as Mexico City's proposed 2-year marriage license could have a wider impact if passed.

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