New Study Shows that Long Commutes Can Lead to an Arizona Divorce

Posted on Jun 05, 2011
There are many factors that can lead to an Arizona divorce. A new Swedish study reveals that long commutes, whether on roads or by rail, can lead to divorce or separation.

According to the report, long commutes can increase the risk of divorce by up to 40 percent. The study also concludes that the risk of divorce is at its highest during the first few years of commuting, suggesting that some couples eventually adjust and deal with the stress created by long commutes.

However, in states such as New York, where commuting is typical, long hours away from the home appear not to have as much of an affect on marriages. Research suggests that New Yorkers, who have the longest average commute in America, have the lowest divorce rates.

Alternative options such as working from home and/or telecommuting may not be the answer. Many family law attorneys believe that not having enough space between married couples may be as stressful as commuting. Other factors include the bad economy and financial stresses arising from the tough job market.

Likewise, the vanishing of long commutes can contribute to an Arizona divorce or separation. Many couples experience stress in their marriages when one of the spouses, who would usually spend long hours each day at work, are unexpectedly in the home all day.

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