Phoenix Man Arrested after Scottsdale Burglary

Posted on Aug 14, 2011
A Phoenix man was arrested in Scottsdale on suspicion of the burglaries of two local businesses, Moonbeams and Urban Kidz. When police responded to a business alarm on Scottsdale Road around 3:30 a.m. on July 20, 2011, it appeared that someone had broken into both businesses.

Initial attempts to locate the burglar were unsuccessful, but a blue Chevrolet truck was found in the area where the burglar was last spotted. Police set up surveillance and followed the vehicle after a man entered it around 6 a.m. The vehicle was followed until the driver abandoned it on Del Capitan Drive.
At that point, police began to search for the driver and requested aid from Department of Public Safety helicopters. The driver was spotted on the roof of a building in the neighborhood and taken into custody after climbing down.

James Eugene Moore, 30, is currently being held on felony charges of burglary and trespassing in Scottsdale. Police state that Moore admitted to the burglary at the time of arrest.

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