Phoenix Stabbing Suspect Turns Himself In

Posted on Jun 23, 2011
A suspect in a Phoenix stabbing murder has reportedly turned himself in to Phoenix police. The alleged crime took place either Saturday night, June 11, 2011 or early the following morning.

According to reports, the victim's body was found that Sunday morning at approximately 6:30 in an alley near Roosevelt Street and 24th Street by a woman who was walking in the area. The victim has been identified as Richard Diaz, 44, of Phoenix.

The suspect, 49-year-old Gilbert Armenta, turned himself in to authorities after learning through the media that the stabbing injuries were fatal.

"He learned the victim's injuries were fatal after seeing coverage in the media," said Sgt. Trent Crump, a spokesperson for the Phoenix Police Department.

Investigators believe that the incident was a result of a fight that escalated. It is unclear as to what the two men were fighting about. Mr. Armenta was arrested and booked on one count of second-degree murder after allegedly stabbing Mr. Diaz to death.

Phoenix police officers searched for Mr. Armenta for a few hours prior to him turning himself in.

The Phoenix murder is still under investigation by local authorities as they try to determine what caused the suspect to fatally stab Mr. Diaz.

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