Scottsdale Aggravated Assault Charges Possible for Aggressive Patient

Posted on Aug 22, 2011
Emmanuel Brown, 30, may be facing aggravated assault charges in Scottsdale for allegedly threatening a psychologist at his office. Brown apparently arrived late for an appointment, which was ordered by the court for previous Arizona aggravated DUI charges, and was told there would be a wait before he could see Dr. Neal Olshan. Officials say that Brown became aggressive after waiting for an hour at the office. He is said to have then angrily interrupted Olshan's session with another patient and made threatening advances toward the practitioner. Sgt. Bernie Hill, of the Scottsdale Police Department, said Brown "charged at [Olshan]...chest bumped him."

Brown left the office after Olshan took out a gun and ordered him to leave. He sustained a fall on the way out, however, and is currently in the hospital with serious head injuries. Brown apparently either fell or jumped from the second floor railing. No further information about his condition is currently available.

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