Scottsdale BAC-Testing Equipment Determined Reliable

Posted on May 15, 2015

For some time, Scottsdale’s crime lab has been the center of attention. With several missteps and possible faulty equipment, many DUI case results have been questioned when this particular lab was involved. After the Arizona Supreme Court weighed in, however, it was determined that occasional malfunctions will not render every piece of evidence in DUI cases inadmissible.

This ruling comes after a trial judge initially threw out a case involving 11 aggravated DUI defendants, claiming that the equipment in question—a gas chromatograph—was unreliable. The most recent ruling means that these particular charges will be reinstated, with defendants required to go to trial.

The machine is question had a varied history, beginning when a lab technician installed outdated software on the machine. This software may not have been compatible with the machine’s newer technology, which could have led to the inconsistent results. The Arizona Supreme Court acknowledged that the machine would produce faulty BAC results from time to time, but ruled that the inconsistencies were not sufficient enough to throw out every DUI case in which the machine had been involved.

Scottsdale’s crime lab has not processed any blood-alcohol tests for DUI cases in the last five months, but Scottsdale officials claim that this is because the lab is currently in the process of filling senior forensic scientist vacancies.

What does this mean for those charged with DUI in Arizona? If you have already been convicted, you may be able to retry your case if your BAC evidence came from the Scottsdale lab. If you are charged in the future, your DUI defense attorney can look further into the equipment used to test your blood.

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