St. Patrick’s Day Task Force Targets DUIs in Phoenix and Surrounding Areas

Posted on Apr 03, 2012
As with many holidays, a “large volume of drunk drivers” was expected for St. Patrick’s Day in the East Valley, and police officials were ready to respond. Additional drunk drivers were expected partially because the holiday, often celebrated by drinking to excess, fell on a Saturday this year. Because the chance of impaired drivers on the road was especially high this year, police across the state of Arizona spent time planning ahead and forming DUI task forces to keep revelers off the road. Task forces throughout both East Valley and West Valley were gearing up for the holiday by running extra patrols and otherwise readying themselves for a potentially large volume of impaired traffic in Arizona.

East Valley police officers, including those in Tempe, Chandler, and Scottsdale, worked with the Department of Public Safety to search out drunk drivers from 8:00 PM on St. Patrick’s Day until 4:00 AM the following morning. Many law enforcement officers were involved in the patrols throughout the East Valley.

West Valley officers started at 6:00 PM on St. Patrick’s Day and ran patrols until 4:00 AM on Sunday. The West Valley DUI task force consisted of officers from the Phoenix area and other West Valley cities. Around 30 – 40 officers were involved with the West Valley task force. They intended to spend extra time in Peoria and surrounding areas during the highest traffic times. The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety helped finance the task force.

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