Survey Reveals Recession Has Affected Arizona Marriages

Posted on Apr 08, 2011
A recent survey reveals that the country's recent recession may be taking its toll on marriages across America resulting in a potential spike in couples filing for an Arizona divorce. The Survey of Marital Generosity was conducted on behalf of the University of Virginia's National Marriage Project.

The survey revealed that 29 percent of couples between 2007 and 2009 reported that the recent economical downturn put a financial stress on their marriages. The survey also showed that survey participants without a college degree faced at least one type of economic hardship and were at a greater risk of divorce, as opposed to those that were better-educated.

"The last time this happened - in the Great Depression - we saw an increase in domestic violence, heavy drinking, and desertion without divorce," said Stephanie Coonts, of the Council on Contemporary Families. "High conflict, and even low conflict, but daily contempt or resentment between parents, can be harder on kids than divorce."

However, according to University of Virginia sociologist, Bradford Wilcox, there is a silver lining to the economic downturn. Approximately a third of those surveyed said that the recession has led to a deepening of their marriage commitment.

"On the one hand, some Americans deepened their commitment to marriage, while other Americans are stressed out in ways that undercut marriages," said Wilcox.

The report concluded that the higher financial strain on a married couple, the more likely the couple was facing a high risk of filing for a divorce.

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