Tempe Couple Arrested after Son Nearly Drowns

Posted on Aug 26, 2011
According to the Tempe Police Department, Summer Angelly, 23, and Jasen Anchondo, 28, were arrested on August 12, 2011 on suspicion of child abuse in Tempe. The pair's 11-month-old son is at the center of the case, after he nearly drowned while reportedly left unsupervised in a motel bathtub. At the time, the couple was living in the motel with their four children.

Police say the couple put the boy in the bathtub after they ran out of diapers. Unfortunately, they then left the infant in the bathtub and went to bed. The water was apparently left running while the child was in the tub.

The couple's 4-year-old daughter found her brother "asleep in the tub" and woke her parents. Officials say that Angelly contacted the motel manager for help, although Anchondo claimed the infant was okay when the manager arrived. The manager observed that the child was not breathing.

The motel manager was able to perform CPR with the help of Tempe 911 emergency workers over the phone. The child was then taken to a local hospital for treatment and released in just under a week. All four of the couple's children remain under the care of Child Protective Services, but information about a pending Tempe child dependency case is not available.

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