Two Arrested for Mesa Mushroom Operation

Posted on Jul 10, 2011
Delano Wells and Payton McKinnis, both of Mesa, were arrested on June 10, 2011 around 8 p.m. after police were called to their apartment for reports of an argument. During the argument, McKinnis was bitten by a pit bull after Wells kicked in a door and the dog became agitated.

However, the real story had little to do with the pair's domestic dispute. As police investigated the scene, they uncovered a bedroom in the Mesa apartment being used as an extensive "magic mushroom" growing room. Two children, ages two and three, were also at the apartment.

Wells apparently had started to pack up the mushroom operation in fear of its discovery. When police arrived, he had already taken down some of the equipment and begun loading it into his vehicle. Despite this, police did confiscate multiple pieces of growing equipment and hundreds of mushroom pods. Beyond the drug charges, McKinnis was also arrested for potential child abuse and endangerment. Both children were turned over to Child Protective Services.

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