Utility Pole Accident Results in Mesa DUI and Possession Charges

Posted on Mar 04, 2012

Tanner Jon Boyd, 25, was arrested for marijuana possession and aggravated DUI in Mesa following a car accident on Wednesday, February 9th. Boyd apparently lost control of his vehicle on the 100 block of North Pasadena and crashed into a utility pole. The accident brought the utility pole down and left power lines in the street. The incident took place around 4:50 PM. 

Boyd reportedly left the scene of the accident initially, but returned when the police responded to the accident. Officers performed a search and reported that 3.4 grams of a substance assumed to be marijuana was found contained in a white envelope. The substance was confirmed as marijuana by later testing. Police also report that Boyd appeared to be intoxicated, describing his behavior as “erratic.” Field sobriety tests were performed, but no information about Boyd’s blood alcohol content has been released. Since he had a previous DUI conviction on his record, Boyd was charged with aggravated DUI. It has also been reported that he was driving with a suspended license. 

When questioned about the incident, Boyd said that he had been forced to swerve by a white minivan. He said he did not feel intoxicated and was not impaired while driving. 

A DUI conviction in Mesa can have serious consequences and affect your future for years to come; however, you may be able to avoid conviction or reduce the penalties you suffer if you act quickly. The Mesa DUI lawyers with Curry, Pearson & Wooten encourage you to speak with an expert as soon as possible after your arrest about your rights and options. 

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