Talk to AZ Lawyer Before Deciding on a Plea Bargain or Trial If you have been arrested for a crime or DUI in Arizona, there are many factors to consider in deciding between negotiating a plea bargain or taking a case all the way to trial. Watch this video to find out more from Arizona criminal defense lawyers at the Law Offices of Curry, Pearson, & Wooten PLC. After an arrest or pending criminal charges, do not make a decision about accepting a plea bargain prior to speaking with a skilled lawyer who will investigate your case. Everything about the case should be explored before the decision is made to take a plea bargain. Hiring a criminal defense lawyer to interview any witnesses, review the test results, look at the police report, and investigate every angle of your situation is critical to the outcome of your case. Once a thorough investigation of the case has been completed by a skilled Arizona criminal attorney, an intelligent decision about whether to take the case to trial or accept a plea bargain can be made. Depending upon the evidence in your case, going to trial may or may not be in your best interest. An experienced Phoenix criminal defense lawyer at Curry, Pearson, & Wooten will be able to determine if your case should go to trial and your best course of action. Call 602-258-1000 or 888-929-5292 to schedule a free consultation. Please visit to view our informative articles, blogs, frequently asked questions and other free resources.