Taking a bullet to your chest will not get you out of child support payments

File this one under the "Do Not Attempt" heading: "Police: Eunice man arrested for staging own shooting to avoid child support payment"

Yes, the title explains all you need to know.  A Louisiana man staged his own shooting - took a bullet to the chest! - to avoid paying a $800.00 child support payment.  Guess what? Yup, he still has to pay the $800.00 support payment in addition to likely serving a short jail stint or probation, criminal fines and fees, probation fees, etc.   In the end, his "brilliant" plan will likely cost him double his support payment!

Do not be this guy - pay your support payment.


Need to remit a child support payment in Arizona? Click here for the Maricopa County Clearinghouse page and here for the AZDES Child Support payment page.

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