An Arizona divorce can create many challenging issues to confront, such as wondering how you are going to afford to support yourself and/or care for your child(ren). The state of Arizona allows one spouse to seek spousal support or maintenance from the other spouse.

What is spousal support/maintenance?
You may be familiar with the term "alimony," but Arizona no longer uses that term. Instead, the state referr to it as spousal support or maintenance. It is money to be paid by one spouse to the other in the event that the couple goes through a divorce.

Seeking maintenance
If you are considering seeking spousal support or maintenance, you will need to prove:

  • That you lack sufficient property to provide for your reasonable needs
  • That you are unable to support yourself through appropriate employment
  • That the age and condition of your child(ren) would prevent you from working outside the home
  • That your earning ability would prevent you from working in the labor market to adequately support yourself

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