Would You Throw a Divorce Party after Your Phoenix Divorce?

Posted on Nov 01, 2011
Recently, CBS Los Angeles reported on an interesting new trend developing among divorcees across the nation: the "divorce party." Yes, you heard that right. Most people are used to large celebrations surrounding a marriage, but many couples are now choosing to celebrate the end of the marriage, too.

The trend has become popular enough that, much like wedding planners, divorce party planners are now cropping up everywhere. But why the popularity? Christine Gallagher, a divorce party planner from LA, put it eloquently:

"I think human beings need rituals. We need ceremonies to mark things. Big events in our lives. Your marriage is the beginning of it and it's a huge event and why not have an event at the end to mark the closure of the marriage. Just a way to move on in such a positive way."

Many people choose a theme- like an island-themed "Survivor Party"-and invite close family and friends to celebrate the transition with them

Whether you choose to celebrate the end of your marriage or not, your Phoenix family law attorneys are always here to answers your questions and handle your legal needs. Thanks for stopping by!

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