Airplane and Helicopter Accidents

We successfully handle airplane and helicopter accident cases of all types, nationally and internationally. If a loved one has been injured and it involves aviation we will prosecute the case. We have a reputation in the industry as forceful advocates for our clients and have a very successful track record. We handle all types of aviation accident cases including: United States and international airline accidents, helicopter accidents, private airplane accidents, charter airplane accidents, air medical transport (ambulance) accidents, sightseeing tour accidents, and air show and event accidents. We accept a limited number of cases so that we can give unlimited resources to the ones we do handle.

Speak with an attorney who not only understands aviation law, but also has worked in the aviation industry for close to three decades. Please go to this link ( for more detailed information and a FREE BOOK.

If you have lost a loved one in an airplane crash or helicopter accident, or if you have been injured in an airline accident, then you need to pursue legal advice from an accident lawyer who has a strong background in aviation law.