Find Out When You Do or Don’t Need an AZ Divorce Attorney If you are faced with a divorce in Arizona, you may be wondering if you really need to hire a divorce attorney to represent you. Arizona family lawyers at the Law Offices of Curry, Pearson, & Wooten PLC answer this commonly asked question in this video clip. Watch this video to find out if you do or don’t need legal representation. The answer to this question is not the same for everyone. You may or may not need an attorney in your divorce case. However, if one spouse has an attorney, the other spouse should also hire an attorney. If you attempt to represent yourself when the other spouse has representation, you will be at an extreme disadvantage. An attorney is also helpful even if you and your spouse agree on how everything should be divided including the property and child custody. A skilled Phoenix divorce attorney will draft up settlement agreements to make sure that everything is covered legally and there are not future problems. The lawyers at Curry, Pearson, & Wooten handle divorce cases, child support cases, child custody issues, alimony cases, and any other type of family law case in Arizona. If you would like a free legal consultation, call the Phoenix family lawyers at 602-258-1000 or 888-929-5292 for help with your family law case. Also, visit our website to view our empowering educational articles, blogs, frequently asked questions and other free resources that may help you during this difficult time.