How is Child Support Calculated in Arizona? Arizona family lawyers at the Law Offices of Curry, Pearson, & Wooten PLC answer a commonly asked question that many parents want to know when facing a divorce- how is child support calculated in Arizona? Watch this video as AZ divorce lawyers explain the process and calculations that determines how child support is calculated. In Arizona, child support is a clear cut formula that takes into account income as well as expenses. There are child support guidelines that are used when formulating these numbers. In the first step, the income numbers are plugged into a formula. Expenses are then examined, such as medical insurance, daycare expenses and other extra expenses for the child. The number of visitation days and overnight visits also affect what the child support dollar amount will be. Once all these numbers are plugged into the formula, the child support calculation for your specific case will be determined. If you are facing a divorce, child support, child custody, or alimony case, call the Phoenix family lawyers at Curry, Pearson, & Wooten. We will provide you with a free consultation, answer your questions, and look out for your best interests. Contact our skilled attorneys at 602-258-1000 or 888-929-5292 for help with your family law case. Also, visit our website to view our empowering educational articles, blogs, frequently asked questions and other free resources that may help you during this difficult time.