Although drug-sniffing dogs are often used by police in Arizona to detect drugs in a vehicle, many people have raised concerns about their reliability. K9 units are not infallible, and it’s possible that a dog may make a mistake that leads officers to search your car. Our Phoenix drug lawyers understand that K9 units may make mistakes if they are:

  • Overworked. Dogs may make mistakes if they are overworked or have been working too long without a break.
  • Undertrained. If a dog has not been properly trained or is not experienced, then the dog might respond to other items, get distracted, or simply alert in hopes of receiving a treat. 
  • Improperly handled. Even a well-trained dog may make mistakes if the handler is not trained or makes a mistake. 
  • Taking cues from the handler. Research has shown that many drug dogs take cues from their handlers. For example, a dog may pick up on the body language of a police officer who believes you have drugs. 

If you have been arrested in Arizona after a drug dog alerted police, it’s important that you seek the help of a professional as soon as possible. Our Phoenix criminal lawyers can investigate your case and determine if there may have been a problem with the dog used to search your vehicle. Speak with us today at 1-888-929-5292 to schedule a completely free and confidential legal consultation with a skilled Phoenix drug lawyer, or simply fill out our easy online contact form. For more information, don’t forget to also request a FREE copy of our helpful book Arizona Criminal Law – What You Must Know.

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