Enjoy Phoenix’s New Bike-Share Program and Ride Safely!

This week, Phoenix will join a number of the nation’s trendiest cities on the way to being green by welcoming its first bike-share program. On Tuesday, GR:D will debut the first of up to 500 bikes and 50 bike rental racks in downtown and central Phoenix. The bikes will eventually be available along the light rail through Tempe and Mesa, as well.

Mayor Greg Stanton has made transforming Phoenix into a bicycle-friendly city a top priority. Phoenix has lagged behind other cities in this regard, and most residents still rely heavily on cars. Stanton hopes that moves like this will help Phoenix appeal to younger professionals who are drawn to walking, biking, and public transportation as a means to get to and from work and social functions.

Don’t Follow the Trend: Avoid Bicycle Accidents With These Tips

An unfortunate trend that many cities have seen when bicycle traffic increases is a subsequent increase in accidents involving bicycles. Much of this can be attributed to newer cyclists hopping onboard the exciting trend before they have become street-savvy to rules of the road.

Some of the most frequent bicycle accidents involve intersections and crosswalks, nighttime riding, cars turning right, and alcohol. To avoid being involved in one of these accidents, follow these quick tips when you are on your bike:

  • Always ride with traffic on the right side of the road. Think of your bike as a smaller car—you want to follow the same rules of the road as you would in your own car. This means that traffic lights, right-of-way, and other basic driving rules apply to you, too.
  • At night, be visible. Make sure that you are riding with a red light on the back of your bike, as well as a white light in the front. Ensuring that your wheels are equipped with reflectors can also help you ensure that you will be seen in intersections.
  • At stoplights, hang back a little. If you and a car are stopped neck and neck at a stoplight and the light turns green, you had best hope that the car is going straight, or else you may be hit. Stop slightly behind the first car and accelerate at a slower rate to ensure that you know the driver’s intentions.
  • Ride sober. An overwhelming amount of bicycle accidents involve cyclists who have elevated blood alcohol content levels. If you would not drive, don’t bike—play it safe and call a cab.

Even the most experienced cyclists can be hurt when drivers let their attention wander, and if a negligent driver hurts you, you deserve compensation. For more information, contact our firm today to schedule a free consultation.

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