Play Ball: Spring Training is In Full Swing, and so is DUI Season in Phoenix!

As schools across the country are closing their doors for spring break, people from across the country are flocking to Phoenix. Not only do we boast some of the greatest weather in the nation during this time of year, but we also play host to some of baseball’s most exciting spring training games.

These games have it all—cheap tickets, expensive beer, sunshine, and a family-friendly atmosphere that is also welcoming to the rowdier adult crowds. No matter which end of the Valley you choose to visit, you can find a game to enjoy, and catch a glimpse of world-class players as they prepare for a long season of baseball.

One number that climbs in the spring, along with the Valley’s temporary population, is the number of DUIs. Arizona law enforcement is well aware of how much fun these games can be, and are on high alert for possible drunk drivers. Whether you are an Arizona native or an out-of-towner that flew in for a few games, a DUI arrest will mean that you will find yourself enjoying the Arizona spring from court.

Weigh Your Options and Your Consequences Carefully This Spring

Arizona is notoriously tough on drunk drivers, and DUIs during spring training are no exception. Visitors will face the same tough penalties as locals, and an already expensive DUI can get even more so as these visitors will be required to return for their court date on their own dime.

As the Phoenix area continues to develop and expand, however, public transportation options have improved immensely. From the light rail to the Scottsdale trolley system, options beyond the standard bus or taxi service are only multiplying. Planning ahead for your day at the old ball game may seem like a drag, but when it can save you thousands of dollars and a criminal record, it may be worth it.

If you are involved in a spring training DUI, you will need aggressive representation to ensure that your rights are protected. Call Curry, Pearson & Wooten’s Phoenix DUI defense attorneys today to schedule a free consultation about protecting your future after a DUI arrest.


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