Your Divorce, Just Like Your Golf Game, Requires Strategy and Skill - Not Aggression

I love to golf in my spare time.  By no means am I a good golfer, but that does not stop me from teeing it up.  What I love about the game is how the player has to create a strategy for each hole.


First hole: 411 yard par 4. Great.  Hit driver 250 yards, second shot a mid to short iron, and hopefully (reminder: I’m not that good) two to three putts and I'm on to the next hole.


Second hole: 175 yard par 3. Mid iron to the green (God willing!) and a putt or two to finish.


By now you’re reading this and asking yourself, “Why the heck is he discussing golf in his family law blog”.  Well just as no two golf holes are the same, no two divorces are the same. Similar to playing a successful 18 holes, each divorce demands a thoughtful strategy and balanced approach.  Would playing aggressive and hitting a driver for each shot lead to positive results? No, of course not; using a club that I know I can hit 250 yards on a 150 yard hole means I will overshoot my goal (the hole) by 100 yards! The same can be said in a divorce proceeding.


Unfortunately many attorneys want to show their clients they can hit the ball 250 yards when the hole is only 150 yards away. Your attorney represents you and your goals; do you want your representative to miss and overshoot your goals time and time again? No.


A divorce is a serious and life altering event and to obtain the best result for you, it is critical that your attorney has a strategy and plan that benefits you.


If you are considering or in the midst of a divorce and do not have a strategy or goal, you are likely about to (or already have) hit the golf ball 250 yards when you only need 150.  Contact our office at (602) 258-1000 and speak with our family attorney immediately.

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