Talking to your kids about your looming Scottsdale divorce is an important step, but you can bet that it will be a hard one. It's impossible to know exactly how your children will react, but be aware that there are a few factors that make a negative reaction more likely:
  • High-conflict divorce: Children listen when you say terrible things about your spouse or get into a shouting match. Although anger is normal after a divorce, do everything in your power to keep that negativity away from your kids.
  • The child's age: Younger children have more trouble making sense of divorce and the changes that come along with it. However, young children are also very resilient. It's actually your teenagers that will have the hardest time, sometimes due to issues with their peer group.
  • Lack of contact with a parent: Divorce can make a child feel as though he or she has "lost" a parent. It's important that both parents take extra time and care to build a relationship with the child.
  • The child's relationship with each parent: Additionally, it's important that your relationship with the child is positive. Constantly fighting or otherwise having difficulty getting along can strain emotions for everyone involved.

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