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If a person possesses an amount of drugs over the statutory threshold amount, prison could be imposed.  The threshold amount is different for each type of illegal drug, and you can be charged with possession for sale even if you did not intend to sell the drugs found in your possession. The penalties for drug possession for sale are much harsher than those for just possession; possession for sale is always charged as a felony, and you could be facing mandatory prison time if you are convicted depending on whether the amount possessed was over the threshold amount or if you have prior convictions.

Common Phoenix Drug Possession Threshold Amounts

If you are in possession of an amount of the drug over the threshold amount, then it is assumed that you intended to sell it. Here are some common threshold amounts in Arizona:

  • Marijuana: 2 pounds
  • Heroin: 1 gram
  • Meth: 9 grams
  • LSD: ½ ml or 50 dosage units
  • Crack: 750 mg
  • PCP: 4 grams

In general, other drugs not listed here are generally considered over the threshold amount if they carry a value over $1000. Speak with your Phoenix criminal defense attorney if you need more specific information.

If you need help after you have been arrested in Phoenix, speak with a Phoenix drug possession lawyer as soon as possible for help. The Phoenix drug lawyers with Curry, Pearson & Wooten will fight hard to defend your rights and help you get the best possible outcome in your drug possession case. Just give us a call today at 1-888-929-5292.

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