Considering Divorce? Make sure you are prepared

This week, the USA Today published an online article titled “Divorces spike in the summer.  Here’s how to prepare for the end, experts say”.  


The article reads that the summer season often exacerbates marital issues because families spend more time together as the children are out of school and/or a couple takes an extended vacation.  This leads to the spouse that is already contemplating divorce to reflect on whether that spouse truly wants the divorce and how they see it taking shape. I agree.


As a family attorney I see an upticks in filings - whether those filings are for divorce or custody modification - immediately after summer and winter holidays for these same reasons.


But regardless of when you intend on filing for divorce, you want to be prepared by meeting with your attorney and planning your divorce before you file.  That means:

  • collecting documents, 
  • ‚Äčreviewing bank accounts, 
  • pulling credit reports, 
  • checking retirement balances, 
  • obtaining personal documents, and 
  • obtaining titles to real estate and vehicles just to name a few.  

Why is this important? Because divorce is a stressful time.  The more prepared you and your attorney are before you file, the more prepared you will be to handle the natural stressors of divorce.


If you are contemplating divorce, call our office at (602) 258-1000 to meet with our family law attorney and begin the process of preparing yourself for your divorce.  In addition, request a copy of our free book Arizona Family Law - The Essential Arizona Divorce Guide today!

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