Although most people know that erratic driving behaviors can lead to a DUI stop in Glendale, have you ever wondered what police are looking for when you step out of the car? When you are pulled over for drunk driving in Glendale, the officer will observe your behavior in and out of your car, and he or she will attempt to draw a conclusion about your state of intoxication from what is observed. Although field sobriety testing and other roadside tests are usually administered by the officer, whether you are ultimately arrested relies very much on what the officer sees, hears, and smells aside from that testing. For example, during a Glendale DUI stop, an officer will be looking for signs of drunkenness, such as:
  • Stumbling, swaying, or unsteadiness
  • The smell of alcohol on your breath
  • Your ability to follow instructions
  • Your response to police, such as arguing, yelling, or even being too friendly 
  • Eye redness
  • Slurred speech
  • How coordinated you are retrieving your license and exiting your vehicle

Although these kinds of signs and behaviors may be a good place to start assessing your level of intoxication, human errors do occur, and an officer may misinterpret the symptoms of some medical conditions as signs of drunkenness.

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