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If you have been arrested for possession of Oxycodone in Phoenix, whether for sale or for personal use, you are likely facing felony drug charges. As a Phoenix drug lawyer, some of the first questions I get from clients have to do with what kinds of punishments they will face if convicted.

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer. Sentencing for drug crimes in Arizona depends on a lot of different factors specific to your case. For example, your sentence will depend on: 

  • How much oxycodone was in your possession
  • If you also had other drugs in your possession
  • If you have any previous offenses on your record
  • If it is determined that you sold oxycodone or intended to sell it
  • Any complicating factors, such as gang-related charges or weapons charges

If you have been arrested for possessing or selling oxycodone in Phoenix, your defense attorney may be able to reduce your sentence or have the charges against you dismissed. For specific information about your options and what kind of outcome to expect, you will need to speak directly to an experienced Phoenix criminal defense attorney.

Our experienced Phoenix drug attorneys would be happy to talk to you today about your drug offense case. We are experienced Phoenix criminal defense attorneys who will fight aggressively to defend your rights and prepare a strong case for you. Give us a call today at 1-888-929-5292 to talk to someone who can help. 

For more information about what to expect after you are arrested in Arizona, also request your FREE copy of our helpful book Arizona Criminal Law – What You Must Know, which is completely free of charge to Arizona residents. 

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