There are many reasons why a single mother or father would want to prove paternity. However, establishing Arizona paternity can be a difficult task.

Benefits of establishing paternity

First, it’s important to point out some of the benefits of establishing paternity, which include:
  • Providing legal, emotional, social and economic ties between the father and the child
  • Providing certain legal rights to the child, such as rights to inheritance, medical insurance benefits, life insurance benefits and Social Security benefits
  • Providing the child an opportunity to develop a relationship with the father

When paternity is contested

The father may contest paternity. The court can therefore establish paternity, if:
  • Both parties agree to a paternity test
  • The evidence is presented in court
  • The genetic test reflects a 95 percent likelihood of paternity

Will the state of Arizona pay for the test in advance?

The short answer is yes. However, if the man turns out to be the biological father, he will be required to reimburse the state.

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