When should a bail bondsman be used to post bail?

A bond has been set in a criminal case and people assume that they should go visit a bail bondsman to post the bail, right?  Well, not necessarily.  I always advise people to post the bail themselves if they have the money.  One should only go through a bail bondsman if they do not have the cash to post the bond and need to use collateral (such as a home or car) as security for the bond.  Here in Arizona, bail bondsman typically charge 10% of the bond amount as their fee.  The bail bondsman then requires that you pay them the full bond amount or put up collateral worth the full bond amount is security for the bond.  For example, if the bond set by the court is $50,000 then one would have to come up with $5,000 as a non-refundable fee to the bail bondsman and then give them another $50,000 or property worth $50,000 to hold onto in order to have them go down to the jail and post the bond.  One could post it themselves at the jail and not have to pay the 10% fee.  One should only use a bail bondsman if they do not have the cash to post the full bond and must use collateral as security for the bond. 


I appreciate your article and it clarified things for me.
by Annie Johnson October 22, 2012 at 01:44 PM
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