Can I plead down to a wet reckless after my Phoenix DUI arrest?

After being arrested for a DUI in Arizona, arguably the strictest state when it comes to drunk driving, it is easy to feel intimidated and overwhelmed by the charges against you. No matter how much responsibility you assume for what happened, the first instinct many people have when facing the aftermath of an Arizona DUI arrest is searching for a way to lessen the blow of the charges.


Part of Arizona’s very strict laws on driving intoxicated is heavy restrictions on plea bargains in DUI cases. A “wet reckless” is the more common term for a reckless driving charge that involves alcohol (hence the “wet”), and therefore attempting to plea wet reckless is not likely to get you far.


A much more common and effective way to fight your DUI charges is to enlist the help of an attorney to get your charges dismissed altogether. From fighting the manner in which you were arrested to the test that you were given, an experienced attorney will be able to scour your case for any loose ends that the state may have left hanging.


Remember, you have been arrested, but you are not yet convicted. The burden is in the state’s hands to prove that you are guilty, but without a solid legal defense your case may not hold up to the tough prosecutors that do this on a daily basis. Invest in your future by investing in an experienced, trial-ready lawyer that will defend your case thoroughly and work to reduce your punishment or eliminate it altogether.


A DUI conviction can haunt you for the rest of your life. Be proactive and call the Arizona DUI defense attorneys at Curry, Pearson & Wooten now by dialing 602-258-1000, and schedule a free case consultation with our firm.