Concussions in Phoenix Car Accidents: A Common, Serious Injury

Many of us have heard about the prevalence of whiplash in car accidents. Whiplash is soft-tissue damage to your neck that happens when your head is rapidly thrown one way and rebounds back forcefully. In rear-end collisions, as well as side impact collisions, most people will experience symptoms of whiplash varying from mild to debilitating.

Concussions: A “Silent” Injury After Your Phoenix Car Wreck

Car accidents generate a lot of force and energy in a short amount of time, the intensity of which is often very damaging to the vehicle’s occupants. Many people who have been involved in accidents will walk away, feeling generally “okay” and assuming—perhaps based on fairly minor damage to the car—that they do not need to seek medical attention.

After a few hours, they may begin to notice that something is not right. Perhaps they have a nasty headache, or they may suddenly have a hard time remembering things. They brush it off as stress from the accident, but the symptoms persist.

What this person could be experiencing is a concussion. Even if their head did not strike the window or steering wheel during their accident, the force generated by whiplash could be enough to cause a concussion. Have you experienced any of the following after your crash?

  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Difficulty with concentration or memory
  • Altered sleep patterns and lack of energy

If you have experienced any of the above, you may be suffering from a concussion, and should seek medical care immediately.

After a Crash. See a Doctor—Then Call Curry, Pearson & Wooten

If you begin to feel pain or discomfort after an accident, it is important that you see your doctor as soon as possible. For medical as well as legal reasons, seeing a doctor quickly is a smart decision, and can start an important paper trail that insurance adjusters can use to tie your injuries to your accident.

Did you suffer from a concussion after a Phoenix, Scottsdale, or Tempe car accident? Call the Phoenix personal injury lawyers at Curry, Pearson & Wooten today at 602-258-1000 to find out how you can get the compensation that you deserve.