Buckeye DUI Lawyer Talks about Shame and Embarrassment After a DUI

As a Buckeye DUI lawyer, I know that a lot of people feel ashamed and embarrassed after being arrested for a DUI in Buckeye – even before they are convicted. Increasingly, public shame has been incorporated into the penalties for drunk driving in Maricopa County. In fact, public shame is being used all over the nation as punishment for various crimes. You may have seen news reports about people being ordered by judges to stand near busy roadways holding a sign that describes the crime they were convicted for, or you may remember Phoenix using billboards with mug shots of DUI offenders as a shame-based deterrent.

How Does Arizona Use Public Shame to Deter Drunk Driving?
Arizona is notoriously rough on DUI offenders, and many different shame-based penalties have been ordered or offered as an option. If you have ever been convicted of a DUI in Maricopa County, you may have had to endure:

  • Serving your sentence in a tent city
  • Being visible as part of a chain gang
  • Billboards with your mug shot as a DUI offender
  • Public databases with your mug shot and the details of your conviction

These types of penalties change all the time, and it’s hard to say what kinds of shame-based deterrents may be used in the future. Many states and jurisdictions use websites or Facebook pages to shame drunk driving offenders – some have even started posting mug shots of alleged DUI offenders who have not yet been convicted!

How Can I Avoid Public Shame After a DUI Arrest in Buckeye?
If you are arrested for a DUI in Buckeye, even as a first-time offender, you may face humiliating penalties. Sadly, many – even most – of the people who are being shamed by these types of punishments are first-time offenders.

Trying to avoid public shame and embarrassment after a drunk driving arrest can be difficult in a strict state like Arizona. Speak with an expert DUI lawyer in Buckeye before you do anything else. You can reach us today at 1-888-929-5292 or through our convenient online contact form. We’d be happy to talk about your DUI arrest and your rights in completely free, no-obligation legal consultation.

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