Modification of Child Support in Arizona: A Chandler Divorce Lawyer Explains the Basics

Many people are surprised to find that the services of a Chandler divorce lawyer can come in handy even long after the divorce has been settled. One of the concerns that come up months or years after the divorce is the modification of child support payments. Because a person’s financial situation may naturally evolve and change over time, it does sometimes become necessary to change how much child support is paid.

How is Child Support Decided?
The amount of child support that is paid in Arizona is initially decided at the time of your divorce. This usually takes into account (among other things) the income of both spouses, the amount of parenting time/visitation each spouse has, and how much is generally spent on the children, including costs for medical care and child care.

Why Would I Need to Modify Child Support in Arizona?
Over time, many families find that their circumstances have changed since the divorce, and the child support payments are no longer adequate or appropriate in the new circumstances. In order to modify an existing child support agreement in the state of Arizona, you generally must be able to prove that there has been a “substantial and continuing” change of circumstance that makes your old child support agreement unworkable or inappropriate. This may include events such as:

  • A change in income – whether an increase or decrease - for either spouse
  • The loss of a job or inability to work
  • Changes in health insurance coverage
  • A disability or medical condition

Both the custodial parent and non-custodial parent have the ability to request a modification of child support in Arizona.

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