Getting Divorced in Arizona? Text Messages Could Affect Your Child Custody Case

If you are getting divorced in Arizona, our Chandler divorce lawyers recommend that you avoid talking about your divorce case or your ex-spouse on social media sites like Facebook and that you treat any email or text message you send as public communication. With the rise of text messaging and smartphones, it has become more common than ever to see cellphone records and social media communication winding up as evidence in Arizona family law cases. This is especially true in Arizona child custody cases, where evidence of harassment, lies, or poor parenting could seriously affect the outcome of your case. 

How Could My Cellphone Records Be Used as Evidence?

You may be surprised how much information about you is stored in your phone and could be used as evidence against you. Some of the most common types of information we see in Chandler divorce cases include:

  • Text messages
  • Call history and recorded phone conversations
  • Internet search history
  • GPS history
  • Email records

Text messages are by far the most common type of evidence we see from cellphones, and they are often used to prove lies or harassment by an ex-spouse. Social media posts made from smartphones could also be used against you – especially if you fire off a nasty public post about your ex in a moment of anger. 

In fact, even recording of phone conversations might be permissible evidence in court, and you should be aware that Arizona law allows any party in a conversation to record it without your permission. 

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