Arizona Child Custody: What to Do When You Suspect Abuse

Unfortunately, as Phoenix divorce attorneys, we sometimes have to see the worst of people, and that is never truer than when we deal with cases of abuse. Many times, the abuse is the reason the marriage ended, but sometimes the abuse does not become obvious until after the divorce or during parenting time. If you suspect your ex is abusing your kids, someone connected to your ex is abusing your kids, or your kids are otherwise in danger, it can be hard to know what to do.

We know that keeping your kids safe is your number-one priority, so here are the steps to follow if you suspect abuse is happening during visitation:

  • Call the police or Child Protective Services. Don't wait. If you believe your children are in danger, you need to call authorities who are trained to handle these situations and protect your children. 
  • Call a Scottsdale Child Custody Lawyer. Arizona courts are very hesitant to change parenting time after it has been decided and take false allegations of abuse very seriously. You will need to have proof of the abuse or that supervised visitation is otherwise necessary. A Scottsdale family law attorney can explain if you even have a case, help you get everything in order, and handle your legal concerns with skill. 
  • Get "Emergency Orders." You can file for temporary orders to change parenting time in Arizona, which are otherwise known as "emergency orders." This will help to keep your kids safe from the abuser until you are able to come up with a long-term order for changing visitation. 
  • File to Modify Parenting Time. While the "emergency orders" are in effect, you'll need to work on permanently changing visitation orders. Your attorney can help explain more about this process and what you will need to have prepared.

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