Who Is Covered By Arizona Domestic Violence Laws?

Arizona domestic violence laws cover a wide range of familial relationships. It comes as a surprise to many people, but domestic violence laws cover more than just husband and wives. If you were arrested in Tempe and a family member was involved, even if no one was injured or threatened, you may be surprised to see that you were charged with domestic violence.

Phoenix domestic violence laws cover both legal and "blood" relationships, including:

  • Someone you are married to or were previously married to 
  • Someone who you are living with or have previously lived with
  • Anyone you have had a child with
  • Anyone you are expecting a child with
  • Any parent, grandparent, child, grandchild, brother, sister, parent-in-law, grandparent-in-law, step-parent, step-grandparent, step-child, step-grandchild, brother-in-law, or sister-in-law
  • Any child who is living with you or has lived with you 
  • Any child who is related by blood to someone some you lived with or were married to
  • Anyone with whom you are in a romantic/sexual relationship

It is important to note that if a romantic relationship is in question, the court will attempt to decide where it falls. The court will take a close look at the type of relationship you had with the person, the length of that relationship, the frequency of contact the two of you shared, and how long ago you broke up.

A domestic violence conviction carries a serious stigma and could negatively affect your life and your future. If you have been arrested in Tempe for domestic violence, it is crucial that you speak with a skilled Tempe criminal lawyer who can protect your rights, provide sound legal counsel, and treat you with respect and care. Give us a call at 1-888-929-5292 today to schedule a completely free legal consultation to address your questions and concerns.

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