What's the Difference Between Divorce Litigation and Settlement in Arizona?

Once you've decided on a divorce in Arizona, you may be surprised by how complicated divorce proceedings can be. As Phoenix divorce lawyers, we spend a lot of time with our clients explaining each step of the process and your options at each key point. One thing that often comes up is the difference between being able to negotiate a full divorce settlement and having to go to trial.

Divorce Litigation in Arizona

Based on what you've seen in television or read about, divorce litigation is what typically comes to mind when you think about divorce. You and your Phoenix family law attorney will prepare your case and go to trial to work out the issues you and your spouse do not agree on. The judge will listen to both parties and make a final decision in your Arizona divorce case.

Negotiating a Divorce Settlement in Arizona

Although going to trial may be what you first think about in relation to divorce, some couples are able to come to a full settlement without going to trial. You will need to come to an agreement on all aspects of your divorce for this to work, including division of property, your parenting plan, spousal support, and any other issues.

Of course, this works best in amicable or low-conflict divorces. And, sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you will just be unable to come to an agreement with your spouse on what should happen. Even if you plan to negotiate a full divorce settlement, you and your divorce attorney should plan and be prepared to go to trial in a worst-case scenario.

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