Is Facebook Causing Problems in Your Glendale Divorce?

Although social media sites like Facebook have been pinned as a rising cause of divorce by some recent studies, these types of sites are also causing problems at an increasingly high rate during Arizona divorces and child custody battles. As Phoenix family law attorneys, we can attest that many of our divorce, custody, and even adoption cases have been affected by posts and photographs on social media sites. 

Why Are Social Media Sites Like Facebook a Problem in Glendale Divorces?

Because social media sites seem so casual and friendly, many people forget that the information posted to social media sites is largely public. During a divorce in Glendale, anything posted to your - or even your friends' - Facebook could be used as evidence against you. For example, your Facebook or other social media site can be mined for information such as:

  • Adultery. Social media sites may be one of the main vehicles for cheaters, but even seemingly innocuous posts or comments may be construed as evidence of a pattern of cheating. Racy comments from an old flame, flirty messages, or photographs that show the two of you together could be built into a convincing argument for the evidence of adultery.
  • Finances. One spouse may claim to be broke, but mention on Facebook a large purchase, like a car or expensive electronics, or even be tagged in photographs from an expensive beach vacation. 
  • Lies. Beyond relationships and finances, a spouse's Facebook page may inadvertently give evidence of other lies or concerns. Imagine an ex-spouse who claims he has no time to help the kids with an important project, but posts drunken party pictures the next day. 

While you may be sharing some of this information and not realize how it could be used against you, there is also a risk of the impulsive rant or angry comment about the divorce or your spouse, which could be used against you eventually in court. 

How Concerned Should I Be?

If you don't think social media sites have a big impact of divorce, think again. Some research has around 80% of lawyers reporting social media evidence being used in the courtroom during divorce proceedings. And, more than that, this evidence taken from sites like Facebook are having real and lasting impact on issues like Arizona child custody and spousal support. 

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