Phoenix Lawyers Warn Drivers of Legal Drug DUIs in Arizona

As Phoenix lawyers, we know there is a common misconception that all DUIs are related to drinking and driving. You might be surprised to learn that you could be arrested for DUI in Phoenix if you have taken some over-the-counter medications or medications that have been legally prescribed by your doctor – even if you haven’t had a drop to drink! 

Why Have I Been Arrested for a DUI in Phoenix for Legally Prescribed Medication?

Although alcohol is the most familiar intoxicant related to Arizona DUIs, there are many substances that can impair your driving, including the medications you are taking for a cold or medications that your doctor prescribed. In Arizona, you can be arrested for driving under the influence of any substance – legal or illegal – that impairs your driving. 

If an officer observes you driving erratically or otherwise showing signs of intoxication before or during the DUI stop, you could be arrested and face a DUI conviction. 

Although most legal medications that impair your driving include a warning label, some drivers who are prescribed a new drug, have an allergic reaction, or who take a combination of legally prescribed drugs may be surprised by the effects and arrested for DUI in Arizona. 

How Do I Know Which Legal Medications Could Lead to a DUI Arrest in Arizona?

If you are unsure if your legally prescribed or over-the-counter medication could impair your driving, speak with your doctor or pharmacist. Most medications that impair driving include a warning label that advises against operating heavy machinery or warn of drowsiness or dizziness. However, even if your medication does not include a warning label, if the drug is new to you or if you already take other medications, you should avoid driving until you know how the drug will affect you. 

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