What Is Arizona Spousal Support and Maintenance and When Is It Ordered?

A Glendale divorce can lead to a lot of financial changes for both you and your spouse. Even when children are not involved in your divorce, you may still be ordered to pay spousal support as part of your divorce. As Scottsdale family law attorneys, we’d like to explain more about spousal support and address some of your questions. 

What is Spousal Support?

You may hear spousal support referred to as “maintenance” or “alimony.” These terms are just different words for the money paid out to a spouse during and/or after a divorce. An order for spousal support may be included in your divorce decree, which will include a set amount of money over a set amount of time. 

When is Spousal Support Ordered?

Spousal support may be ordered in a Glendale divorce if your spouse decides to seek maintenance. If your spouse is seeking spousal support in Glendale, the request will generally be granted if:

  • Your spouse lacks the ability to find employment and support him or herself. 
  • You were married over a long period of time and your spouse will have trouble finding employment due to his or her age. 
  • Your spouse has custody of a child that keeps him or her from working outside the home. 
  • Your spouse helped pay for your education.
  • Your spouse otherwise lacks the ability to provide for him or herself. 

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