What is the discovery procedure in Tempe?

The discovery procedure is basically the pre-trial process during which your Tempe criminal defense lawyer will obtain and disclose information concerning your case. Tempe lawyers can do this in ways including, but not limited to:
  • Written questionnaires
  • Depositions, either oral or written
  • Physical or mental examinations
  • Information from experts
  • Production of other documents or items

Although discovery must be limited to what is considered reasonable, most Arizona criminal lawyers are given a fair amount of leeway. The process can take a long time, sometimes even years, and the court can settle any disputes between the lawyers in the case regarding discovery.

Why is it important?
The court is not responsible for the discovery process; your Tempe criminal defense lawyer is. Some might say that it is during discovery that your case is really won or lost. So, it is of utmost importance that you have a skilled and experienced Tempe criminal defense lawyer who will carefully consider the information needed to help you obtain a favorable result.

For example, some of the statements given in a deposition from witnesses or others could end up being used in the trial. Therefore, any discrepancies between the answers given during a deposition and the answers given during the trial could have a strong impact on the credibility of certain witnesses.

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