Can I Terminate Spousal Maintenance in Phoenix?

If you have experienced a change in financial circumstances since your initial spousal support agreement, you are probably wondering if it’s possible to terminate spousal maintenance in Phoenix. The good news is that, unless you agreed to a non-modifiable spousal support order, it is possible to terminate spousal support if your situation meets certain requirements. Your Phoenix divorce lawyer can explain in more detail how this applies to your specific circumstances.

According to Arizona law, spousal maintenance can generally be terminated if:

  • Either spouse dies
  • The spouse who receives maintenance remarries
  • There has been a “substantial and continuing” change of circumstance

What is a “substantial and continuing” change of circumstance?
A “substantial and continuing” change in circumstance is a significant change that is expected to last. This may include changes like a loss of income, disability, long-term romantic cohabitation, and other major financial changes. Losing a job without a change in your ability to obtain employment probably would not be considered a continuing change, for example, as it is expected that you could continue to work elsewhere.

If you’re not sure if your change in situation would be considered “substantial and continuing,” speak with an experienced Phoenix divorce lawyer for clarification. Your attorney can help you build a strong case to prove your change in financial circumstances and help you terminate or modify your spousal maintenance agreement.

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