Will Mediation Work for Me? A Phoenix Divorce Mediation Lawyer Helps You Decide

Many people still think of a divorce as an aggressive, angry process where spouses are at odds with each other over every last detail of their former union. As modern society has grown to accept divorce as a more commonplace event, however, people are beginning to realize that not every marriage ends in the same manner. Some couples harbor deep anger or regret, while others are able to amicably move forward with separate lives. Because of this, many people are beginning to embrace different methods of legally ending their marriage.

Arizona Divorce Mediation: Will it Work for You and Your Spouse?

Divorce mediation is when a divorcing couple sits down with a neutral, third party mediator to settle the details of their divorce, from division of assets to parenting decisions. It can often be much less expensive and emotionally taxing than a traditional divorce in court, but not every divorce will benefit from mediation.

There are several very important questions that you and your spouse must answer in order to determine if a Phoenix divorce mediation is right for your situation. If you are both able to agree on the answers to these questions, you may want to consider contacting a Phoenix divorce mediation attorney to proceed.

  • Is our divorce mutual, permanent, and blame-free? Many divorces are often initiated by one spouse, and the other is simply going along for the ride or even against the idea. If you have both mutually decided to separate, harbor no grudges against each other for the divorce, and have no intentions of reconciling the relationship, a mediation may work well for you. 

  • Do we still trust each other? Many couples who choose to divorce are doing so because of infidelity or other trust issues. One or both parties may have anger or violence issues, or have experienced some form of substance abuse. These couples would likely not benefit from mediation, where openness and honesty are key to agreeing upon a fair division of assets. If you are fully confident in both your own and your spouse’s ability to speak freely and truthfully about shared finances and property, mediation could be a good solution.

  • Do we trust each other’s parenting choices? If you both respect each other’s parenting styles, mediation is an excellent way to reach a mutual agreement on how your children will be raised, rather than leaving the decisions up to lawyers or judges who are not familiar with your family. If you harbor doubt about your spouse’s ability to care for your child or children, you may never be able to reach a successful agreement in mediation.

Finding the Right Phoenix Divorce Mediation Attorney

While many people try to “go it alone” in mediation since your attorneys are not present during the mediation, finding the right divorce mediation attorney can help you both prepare for and carry out the agreements that you and your spouse reach.

The Arizona family law attorneys at Curry, Pearson & Wooten, PLC are experienced in the process of divorce mediation, and will work closely with both you and your spouse to reach a mutually satisfying conclusion to your divorce. While the choice to end a marriage is never easy, there is no reason why you and your spouse should not be able to separate in a way that makes both of you happy.

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