Why You Should Talk to a Phoenix Drug Lawyer if You Are Arrested for Selling Oxycodone

If you have been arrested for selling oxycodone in Phoenix or for intent to sell, you could be facing a felony sentence if you are convicted. The State of Arizona treats the sale of prescription narcotics very seriously, and you can expect jail time, steep fines, mandatory drug treatment, and community service hours. 

Facing felony drug charges in Phoenix is no laughing matter, and it is in your best interest to meet with an experienced Phoenix drug lawyer who can work with you to build a strong case in your defense. We can meet with you in a no-pressure legal consultation to talk about your situation, explain the charges against you, discuss your options, and prepare your case for trial. In many cases, working with a skilled Phoenix criminal defense lawyer can result in reduced penalties, and it may even be possible to have your case dismissed entirely. 

What Should I Know About Oxycodone and Arizona Law?

In Arizona, getting caught selling oxycodone without a valid license generally results in an arrest and felony drug charges. It is against the law to possess oxycodone without a prescription. Even if you are self-medicating for a legitimate health condition or giving oxycodone to loved ones who have legitimate health conditions, you can be arrested and convicted. 

Even if you were caught possessing oxycodone for personal use without a prescription, you can still be charged with intent to sell depending on the amount of the drug you were found with. And the charges get even more serious when it is determined that you possess oxycodone for sale in Arizona.

If you have been arrested for selling oxycodone in Chandler, Mesa, Phoenix, or the surrounding areas, contact an experienced Phoenix drug lawyer as soon as possible for help. Our Phoenix oxycodone lawyers are available 7 days a week at 1-888-929-5292, or you can reach us anytime through our confidential online contact form. 

For more information about what to expect after you are arrested in Arizona, please also request your FREE copy of our informative book Arizona Criminal Law – What You Must Know