We recently talked about how and why friendships can change when you announce that you are pursuing an Arizona divorce. Of the many things that change with divorce, changing relationships with friends or family can be some of the most surprising and painful to deal with during a time when you're already learning to adapt to so much. So, what can you do to preserve friendships during your divorce in Scottsdale?

  • Make the first move. Your friend may have trouble knowing how to bring the subject up after your Arizona divorce. Make the first move by being the first to talk about it openly. 
  • Keep in touch. You don’t have to go crazy with it, but sending a quick email or making a phone call can help keep your friendship alive through all the changes. 
  • Don’t place blame. When you’re talking about the divorce or your friendship, be careful not to place blame. Make sure that you communicate your feelings honestly, but try not to say anything in anger that you might regret later. 
  • Don’t force a friend to take sides. Many people may be friends with both you and your ex. Don’t pressure that person to take sides in the divorce.

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