As Phoenix child custody lawyers, we know how hard supervised visitation can be for both parents and children. The experience may seem very artificial, especially at a time when you want so badly to connect with your kids. However, if supervised visitation has been ordered in your Phoenix child custody case, there are ways to cope. Try making the most of your time together with planned activities, such as:
  • Board games. Board games are fun, engaging, and distract from the artificial environment. If there are no board games available at your visitation location, ask if you can bring one from home. 
  • Craft projects. Try making something together, like a picture frame, a scrap book, or even puppets. You'll spend quality time together working on the project, and then you have a physical reminder of your positive time together. 
  • Make a snack together. If you have a kitchen available to you or can bring what you need, preparing a snack together can seem more like "old times." It's fun for the kids to be involved in cooking, and the familiar flavors can be comforting. 
  • Read a book together. Choose a longer book with chapters, and read it out loud together. You and your kids will both be looking forward to the next visit to hear the rest of the story.

Ultimately, supervised visitation can be an opportunity instead of a punishment. If you have any questions related to supervised visitation in Phoenix or child custody, contact one of our friendly and skilled Phoenix child custody attorneys today at 1-888-929-5292.

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